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Management Directory

Ken Cranwill President
204-228-7888 | kcranwill@connexiontruck.com

Garrett Verch CFO
204-594-4451 | gverch@connexiontruck.com

Brent Zelenewich Director of Finance
204-960-8390 | brent@connexiontruck.com

Troy Swift Fixed Operations Manager
204-807-3307 | troy@connexiontruck.com

Matt Geddes Service Manager
204-230-4041 | mgeddes@connexiontruck.com

Dan Danylchuk Parts Manager
204-228-8009 | dan@connexiontruck.com

Jeff Foster Body Shop Foreman/Estimator
204-930-1504 | jfoster@connexiontruck.com

Christian Chambers CIC Manager/Commercial Truck Sales
204-891-9869 | christian@connexiontruck.com

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